A Short Story


We are thrilled by mentalism and mind magic tricks. We enjoy being thrilled by magic and we want to find out how magic really works.

Remember the moment that left you gasping when the magician guessed correctly what you’ve written in secret on a piece of paper? Or how he turned a pebble into a diamond? We either didn’t like our mind being read by a total stranger, or we want to produce diamonds from anything too! While being impressed by such tricks, many of us want to know the truth behind the tricks and learn them too.


And so we seek to reveal the secrets behind the tricks and learn them. And we perform them and wow our friends. But we don’t get the effects that true magicians have from their performances. Why is that so, even though we’re performing the same tricks?

appreciate the art

It is because we didn’t understand the art of magic. We didn’t understand the persona, the prestidigitation, the showmanship, the patter etc that are essential to delivering an astonishing performance. The same mundane tricks, performed with a little creativity and variation of the above mentioned traits, can have mind-blowing effects!

So the next time we see a trick, even though we may already have known the secret behind, we begin to appreciate the creative methods used by the performers delivering it.

We create MentalismandMagic to discover, learn and appreciate the art of mentalism and mind magic tricks. We also hope we can inspire our readers to learn and eventually design and create your very own magic tricks!

-- Mentalism and Magic