Double Card Prediction

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Card Prediction Trick​​​​​

This is an excellent card prediction trick, where a card that you pick will be able to predict the color and value of the card that your spectator will later (seemingly) randomly choose


All you need is just a normal deck of 52 cards, without prior preparation. You shuffle the deck so your spectator is convinced the deck is messed up. 

  • Fan open the deck and tell your spectator that you are looking for a "prediction card". Do not show the cards to your spectator.
  • This prediction card will be able to predict the card that your spectator will later select.
  • But what you're really looking for is the 21st card from the left. Because the 21st card will be what your spectator will choose later
Card Prediction Trick
  • ​The 21st card can be any card, based on your shuffle. But for demonstration, we will use the example in the picture above.
  • In this case, the 21st card is 8 of clubs. You must then look for the 8 of spade (i.e. same color and value) from the deck. This 8 of spade will be your "prediction card". 
  • Pull out the 8 of spade and place it face down on the table.
  • Explain to your spectator that this is your prediction card, and it will have the same value and color as the one that he/she will choose.

NOTE: If the 8 of spade is placed before (i.e. to the left of) the 21st card, after you pull it out, you will need to take any card from the right of the 21st card, and place it to any position to the left of the 21st card. Basically, the 8 of clubs which is the card your spectator will select later, MUST be in the 21st position.

You can do this while making it seem like you're thinking hard which prediction card to pick.

Next tell your spectator to cut a small pile of the deck. However make sure the spectator does not cut more than 20 cards. 

You can achieve this by telling your spectator that, because you will need to use some of the deck, please just cut around a quarter of it.

Card Prediction Trick

Cut no more than 20 cards from the deck

  • With the remaining deck, remove 20 cards from the top.
  • Place the 20 cards face up one by one, starting from the top card.
  • Place the cards from left to right.
  • Then ask your spectator if he/she knows how many cards he/she had cut earlier.
  • The answer will probably be "no". Ask him/her to count the cards.
Card Prediction Trick
  • In our example above, 12 cards were cut from the deck. (It doesn't matter how many cards were cut, as long as they are less than 20).
  • Tell your spectator that since he/she had cut 12 cards from the deck, his/her chosen card is the 12th card from the right of the 20 faced up cards.
Card Prediction Trick
  • Pull out the 12th card (from the right).
  • Before you flip open the prediction card, you may want to conjure up some clever speech about how you were able to predict the color and value at the start of the performance.
  • Flip over the prediction and the color and value should match!

So.. you may think that this card prediction trick is another one of those sneaky mind reading magic tricks but hey, many of the coins and cards tricks out there are sneaky, but only if you know the secret behind! 🙂 

Again with some clever speech and slick story telling, you will still always be able to turn any lame or sneaky trick into an amazing performance!

What story would you tell at the start of your performance, or what would you have said in your speech before flipping over the prediction card? Or what would you do to ensure that your spectator does not cut more than 20 cards?

Share your creative ideas with us in the comments below!

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  1. Nuel anderson

    Here’s a tip.after shuffling,ask for different numbers from your spectators until you get 20 as an need to force this answer on them.let them take out 20 cards and give you the rest of the deck.then both of you shuffle both decks.peek at the top card and let them place their stack on top me you know the 21st card…then when they cut off a small part of the deck,say that since 20 was the number chosen at the beginning,i will count out 20 cards. i use this steps a helps reduce their curiosity and suspicion as to why i only work with 20.and it helps me avoid questions like “why don’t you count out 30 or 15?”you know,questios like that.hope this was helpful.i’m not trying to reduce the efficiency of your methods,they’re great.i just thought i’d come up with a way that makes it look like they were in control the whole time.

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