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This is a really cool magic tricks

It is a really cool mind reading trick where the performer will always know which card the audience mentally chooses, from a set of 3.

Check out the video below...

Get it? Or confused by the explanation? Let’s review a bit…

For easy understanding, let’s say the cards have “A”, “B” and “C” written on the left, middle and right cards respectively, when facing up. The opposite sides of the card are blank.

Step 1:

With all the cards facing up, ask your audience to mentally choose one card (A or B or C) without revealing it to you. At this time, all you need to do is remember the card in the middle, which in this case is “B”.

Step 2:

Turn all the cards face down. While you look away, have the audience swap the position of the two cards that aren’t their choice. However in your mind, keep thinking the card “B” is still in the middle, even though it may not be the case after the swap.

Step 3:

Now turn your head back to the table. Have the audience mix the position of the 3 cards randomly. During the mix, you just need to keep track of the middle card (before the mix) and see which position it ends up. Keep assuming the middle card before the mix is “B”.

Step 4:

After the mix, first open the “middle” card which you were following even if it now ends up on the right or left, followed by the rest. Remember that you assumed this “middle” card is still “B”, even though it may not be the case now.

Outcome 1: If this “middle” card is still “B”, then “B” is the audience’s choice.

Outcome 2: If this “middle” card is “A”, then the audience’s choice is “C”

Outcome 3: If this “middle” card is “C”, then the audience’s choice is “A”

Simple and simply brilliant! Try out this really cool magic tricka couple of times and you will understand the logic behind. Remember, you can always think of creative ways to apply this logic to make the trick more interesting. Have fun!

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    I loved what you shared; especially with all the cards facing up, what I am going to do is combining with what I am doing to improve my results.

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