14 Reasons Why You Should Learn Magic Tricks!

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Why Would I want to ​Learn Magic Tricks?

"​I would rather be entertained than to entertain..." is what you might say. You enjoy the thrill of being astonished at the end of a well built-up performance. Even if you know that David Copperfield couldn't really teleport himself, but you would like to believe it's true. You know it's not possible to turn a cup of coffee into coins, but you still like to be deceived and hope that that's possible. After all, everyone loves a fantasy! (and fantasy is only one if it's not realized!). So why would you want to learn magic tricks and perhaps ruin your fantasy?

We think there are good reasons to learn magic tricks but let's get to that in a bit below...

What is Magic?

Smoke and mirrors. Rabbits jumping out of hats. Sawing a lady into half. Pick a card trick and magic trick with coins.This is what we associate with magic in modern times. But that wasn't always so. Here are a few facts about where magic came from.

The practice of magic originated centuries ago with a group of Persian priests who were thought to have special powers. The idea of a flying magic carpet likely came out of this era. Of course these people probably didn't have any such powers. But magic then, like today, is based partly on deception and on the observer's willingness to believe in magic.

Learn Magic Tricks

From Magic to Black Magic

As time went on magic took on a more sinister role in society. It was closely related to the practice of witchcraft and the ability of witches and magicians to use rituals, chants, charms and potions to perform certain supernatural acts. Then people believed that witches had special animals, often cats, who were called familiars and could do the witch's evil bidding. This led to the barbaric practice of killing suspected witches. Today we see white witches who practice a religion called Wicca, but these are mostly people who believe in the sanctity of nature, not in casting spells to harm or control others.

Magic Today

Cool Magic Tricks

Today magic is an entirely different thing. We associated it with fun and entertainment. We see games such as the role-playing Dungeons and Dragons based on magic spells. There are also mentalism and mind reading magic tricks (find out more here!). Skilled magicians can perform some truly amazing feats. But you don't have to be a proficient magician to learn magic tricks. It's amazing some of the things you can easily learn with some basic equipment and a little practice. Magic is fun both to learn and watch, so let's look at some reasons to learn magic tricks...

14 Reasons Why You Should Learn Magic Tricks..

Magic Tricks with Cards

1. An Ice-Breaker At Social Gatherings: This cannot be disputed. Everyone is fascinated with magic! That goes from kids, to teens, to adults of all ages. If you learn magic tricks, once you have performed a magic trick or two at a party or even a loose gathering, watch everyone come close to see what you're doing. They will ask you how you did it, but of course you must say you have your secrets! Be mysterious! If you're a young man who's a little shy around girls, learn magic tricks and see how much easier it will be to talk to that special girl who is fascinated with your abilities!

2. Improve your own critical thinking: It takes critical thinking skills to learn magic tricks, and these skills can be transferred to almost any kind of skill or career you can think of! Some basic critical thinking skills that are essential to learn magic tricks and are crucial in a successful career are:

  • Analysis
  • Inferenece
  • Interpretation
  • Self-regulation
  • Evaluation
  • Explanation

3. SELF DISCIPLINE: Self-discipline is another type of critical thinking skill. It takes self-discipline and patience to learn magic tricks or any new skill. Some magic tricks depend upon being able to be very quick with one's hands and fingers, and this takes time and discipline to learn. You must set aside time to practice every day, and each time you try to learn magic tricks you don't know, you will need to have that same self-discipline again and again.

Mind Prediction Tricks

4. Improve your own creativity: Once you have mastered basic magic tricks and perhaps even can do more advanced ones, you may want to design your own magic tricks. Magicians do this all the time to keep their acts unique and fresh. A magician always wants to keep an audience wondering how a trick was done. Magic is a very creative field, with limitless possibilities for new tricks based on fundamentals of old tricks. When you learn magic tricks, you are also learning from the creativity of someone else before you. Creating your own tricks not only keeps audiences spellbound, but lets other learn from your own personal creativity.

5. INCREASE SELF-CONFIDENCE AND CHARISMA: Charisma can be defined as a type of charm that makes others notice you and want to be around you. Charisma inspires a sort of devotion from others, and who wouldn't want to be like that? Magic inspires a charismatic air in the performer by making him or her seem larger than life, able to do what ordinary people cannot. From there, the magician's self-confidence grows, and that kind of self-confidence is necessary to learn magic tricks that are harder and harder to master. Magicians must most of all be good presenters, because you must convince the audience that what they think they see is really happening. It all ties in with charisma.

6. GRAB ATTENTION ANYWHERE: When people see magic being performed, they come in droves to see more. They crowd around, eager to be entertained and willing to suspend common sense, even if it's just for awhile. They want to be deceived. Say you have your own business, or would like to start one, whether it's related to magic or not. Being able to perform magic tricks would be the perfect way to attract customers of all types to your business.

Or you have a long business/sales presentation and we all know how the audience’s attention could easily drift. Start off with a magic trick, perform another in the middle, tell them you’ll reveal the secret of the trick at the end; it never fails to have the audience engaged!

Everyone loves magic! It's yet another reason to learn magic tricks, and a practical one too.

7. Earn extra money: Here's yet another practical reason to learn magic tricks! You can use your skill to make extra money! Good money, too. When professional magicians perform, the house is always packed. There's no reason you couldn't perform your magic for the public as well. Try comedy clubs and local nightclubs. They are always looking for a good performer to entertain their customers. Be ready to audition, though, and always have a few tricks ready for that. Also try community events. They often have amateur-type performances. You may not get paid but it could lead to paid jobs, especially if you are really good. You will need to be creative, practice and research a lot to learn magic tricks good enough to command pay, but it is certainly doable.

8. BRING THE JOY OF MAGIC TO YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY:  Of course you love your family and you're at least fond of your friends. Wouldn't you like to be able to entertain them and earn their awe and respect? If you learn magic tricks, you will do this. If you have young siblings they will be fascinated and it will be fun to see the amazement on their faces. The very word magic gets everyone's attention. Your family and friends will look forward to your impromptu performances for their pleasure, and you will want to learn magic tricks even more, to keep them entertained with your ever-growing repertoire of new magic tricks.

Children Can Learn Too!

Learn Magic Tricks

Do you have a child? Are they fascinated with magic? Most kids are. If your child shows an extra interest in the craft, perhaps you should consider having them learn magic tricks. Read on...

9. It's based in the real world: Although magic has its roots in the fantasy world, still, it's in the real world that the child must learn magic tricks. It's not a television, the internet or a video game. Learning any new skill doesn't offer instant rewards like a video game might. The child learns that he or she must practice and put forth the effort to receive the rewards. This is a critical life lesson for any child.

10. Magic improves manual dexterity: Many children are clumsy because their motor skills haven't fully developed. Others may simply be careless. But no successful magician is either clumsy or careless. Learning how to do various magic tricks involves a lot of practice with the hands and fingers. This improves kids' dexterity skills. Even if the child doesn't go on to pursue advanced magic, the dexterity learned will benefit them in the years to come.

11. Children learn how to present themselves properly: While performing magic for an audience, the performer must be self-confident and know how to relate to the audience and draw them in. This isn't really that far from skills required to get through a job interview successfully. Children learn how to role-play and how to command others to pay attention to them. This is great training for the adult world whether the child grows up to be a practicing magician or not.

Learn Magic Tricks

12. IT'S A GREAT HOBBY FOR A SCHOOL APPLICATION: When the child gets older and applies to colleges, almost all applications want to know what the applicant's hobbies and interests are. Magic is a hobby that is both unique and impressive. The school will know that the child has the ability to persevere and the determination it takes to learn a skill. If the child's grades are borderline, it's possible that other factors such as a great hobby may make a difference in whether the child's acceptance to the college.

13. IT CAN HELP PREVENT SOCIAL ISOLATION: We hear about bullying of children in schools nearly every day. These unfortunate kids can end up damaged and friendless. No one wants that for their child. A child who has learned how to interact with others while learning and performing magic is more likely to understand how to relate to other kids effectively. Not to mention, the child's ability to pull out some coins or a deck of cards for an impromptu performance is guaranteed to make him popular with the other kids, and therefore unlikely to become a target.

Magic Tricks with Numbers

14. It provides for POTENTIAL future income: No one ever knows when they might need extra money. A child who studied magic when young and is pretty good at it as an adult always has a ready means to make extra funds. There are few greater gifts a parent could give a child than that; a means to make good money at anytime. Who knows, the child might even grow up to be a famous magician, and then make lots of money and be famous as well!

And One More...

Prediction Tricks

Ready for one more reason? Okay, how about being a part of the history of magic? It's very, very old, and it's bigger than you are. Many people before you practiced to learn magic tricks just like you have. Many of them attempted very dangerous magic stunts. But they believed in their craft enough to take that chance. Now that's having faith in your career! The magic tricks you learn today may have their roots in magic performed centuries ago! Who wouldn't want to be part of that?

We have seen some reasons to learn magic tricks for both adults and children. While philosophical and innovative, magic is a hobby that entertains and brings joy to others. Go ahead, bring some joy to yourself today and learn magic tricks!

Take these 5 really easy mind reading tricks with you and have some fun!

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  1. Kate Hansen

    I loved how you mentioned that it can help them with learning how to present themselves and how to relate to an audience. My sister was telling me last night about how her son was wanting to learn magic, and she was wondering if there were any benefits that it could provide for him. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to her so that she can know the benefits of having her son learn magic.

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