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Master Mentalism

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E-Manual / Online Program to Master Mentalism and Magic Tricks

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This is a revolutionary step-by-step program that teaches Mentalism and Magic Tricks. The simple methods taught here will significantly reduce your learning time, and will have you astonish and impress anyone instantly. Even if you are a complete beginner...

Welcome to the Master Mentalism Review page. Since you have landed here, chances are you are learning or brushing up your skills in magic and mentalism effects. Whilst doing so, you likely have encountered the various challenges of learning them:

  • No one really wants to teach you. After all, magic is secret!
  • Spending countless hours sifting lame Youtube videos that lack clear explanation
  • Spending endless hours practising from ebooks and videos and yet find it frustrating hard to get good at it
  • Not learning and mastering the tricks as quickly as you would have wanted
  • Gradually feel disheartened by the lack of progress
  • As a result, you lose interest in learning them

So the question you might have would be: "What can Master Mentalism do for me?

Story behind Master Mentalism

Master Mentalism is a 200+ page e-manual and online program that is written and produced by author Ryan Clark (who isn't a mentalist but keen in magic) and a certain "Mr X".

Mr X is one of the most sought-after pro magicians and mentalists in the industry. He is the go-to guy when professional magicians have a television special or a stage show coming up and they need to quickly develop some new material for their show. To put it into context, superstar magicians will delay the start of a show until Mr X has time to go over the details with them. Yes, he is THE guy and he is freaking expensive.

Naturally by sharing the most powerful insider secrets behind these pro magicians, and that the skills behind their killer magic tricks and awesome mentalism effects are actually easy to master (once you know the shortcuts), Mr X won't be the most loved guy in the industry, which is why he has insisted on using an alias.


He believes that "the elite LA, Las Vegas, New York & London crowd" shouldn't be the only ones that have access to these powerful insider secrets.. Together with Ryan Clark, Mr X has developed Master Mentalism, a simple step-by-step training program that even if you are a complete beginner, it is easy to master any mentalism and magic tricks in less than 30 days. Sounds cheesy? Let's read on..

What is in the Master Mentalism Manual?

It is a 200+ page e-manual that compiles famous tricks performed by A-listers such as David Blaine, Criss Angel, Derren Brown and David Copperfield etc. It reveals the secrets/techniques and shortcuts to successfully mastering their mentalism and magic tricks, in the quickest time possible. It also consists of transcripts of their interviews and an introduction to Hypnosis, where its basic concepts are discussed to enhance the way you present mentalism or mind reading illusions. 

6 Major Sections of Master Mentalism

The many skills taught in the manual include the following:

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    Street Magic
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    Mind Reading
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    Remote Viewing
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    Card Tricks
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    Spoon Bending
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    And so many more...

While the tricks are taught in a simple step-by-step way, the principles, techniques, mindset and attributes required to master them are also explained. Whether you are a complete beginner or a struggling learner, it helps you to fully understand the basics before putting them into practice and eventual execution. There are also very useful tips provided for certain common unforeseen circumstances. 

Bonus Material

In addition to the Master Mentalism main 200+ page manual, there are also a selection of valuable bonus material included in good measure. Of all the bonuses that are included, the 3 below stand out:

Bonus #1: Encyclopedia of Card Tricks - A must have for all you card tricks enthusiasts; the over 500 card tricks here are a real treat.

Bonus #2: David Blaine Secrets Revealed - A brilliant magician, illusionist and endurance artist. David Blaine needs no introduction. This bonus reveals the secrets to his famous performances like The Balducci Levitation, The Twisting Arm Illusion (captions below), Cigarette Through Coin and Coffee to Coins, just to name a few. 

Bonus #3: 30 Days Free Access to "Mesmerize Monthly" - This is a free trial membership to an Elite and Exclusive VIP Coaching Club "Mesmerize Monthly". It is a program where you will have instant online access to a member's area filled with: Magic, Mentalism & Hypnosis Videos, Monthly Full-Length Conversational Hypnosis Audios, Many Magic Books, Interviews with professionals like Criss Angels and a ton of exclusive content.

Below are captions of just some of the video/audio content that you will have access to.

Many more...

While many have paid up to $97 a month for access to Mesmerize Monthly, you will get your first month absolutely FREE to check out and use. 

Should you decide to continue subscription after the free 30 days, you will only be charged $47 per month (instead of the full $97) for the membership. You will then get brand new magic and mentalism, hypnosis & NLP content every month. If you are serious about learning mentalism effects and magic tricks, this is good stuff. 

Do note that access to Mesmerize Monthly is an "opt-out" basis i.e. you are automatically subscribed to it upon your purchase of Master Mentalism. You will need to initiate "opt-out" if you want to stop subscription.

The good thing is they've made it quite easy and hassle-free to opt out. So if for some reason during the free trial, or anytime thereafter, you wish to discontinue with your membership, you just need to contact their Support Help Desk (www.GetHelpRightNow.com). They will cancel your subscription and stop charging you immediately; no questions asked.

Who is Master Mentalism For?

The program is designed completely in a simple step-by-step way, that even total beginners without any prior knowledge can learn the tricks fast. There are tricks that look astonishing from the outside, but beginners can pick up in minutes with the system That said, there are also more advanced tricks and techniques here that perhaps intermediate or advanced learners would like to pursue. Master Mentalism also digs deep into the concept and psychology of mentalism and magic, to encourage you to design your own tricks.

Overall, the program is highly suitable for you if you are:

  • A beginner who wants to learn tricks fast and impress people immediately
  • Intermediate or advanced learners who want to master more advanced tricks
  • Struggling to learn or are not getting the desired effects, even after spending endless hours practising
  • Learners who want to enhance their presentation to the maximum effect
  • Or someone who appreciates the art and creative methods behind the tricks

What is the Cost of Master Mentalism Again?

Normal Price: $97

Limited Offer Price Now: $4.95

Real Value?: Even disregarding the amount of bonuses included and the 30 day free membership, the valuable content and information in the Master Mentalism manual alone is worth well in the hundreds of dollars, if not thousands.

60 Day Full Money Back Guarantee: Not satisfied after the purchase? Ask for full refund. Best thing is: you still get to keep the manual! No questions asked. No hassle. No risk.


The Good Stuff:
  • Easy to understand, simple step-by-step method
  • A ton of tricks, from simple to intermediate to advanced level
  • Don't just reveal tricks; the program trains you to use the concept behind so you can create your own.
  • Great value at low cost
  • 60 days 100% Money Back Unconditional Guarantee. Risk free
The Bad Stuff:
  • Could have included videos and pictures in the Master Mentalsim manual
  • Would be better if more pictures are included in the manual

master mentalism CONCLUSION

Master Mentalism teaches mentalism and magic tricks in an easy step-by-step way, so that you are able to learn and master the tricks really quickly. The amount of valuable information in the program is unbelievable, and at only $4.95 it represents extremely great value. With the 60 days full money back guarantee, we feel it's a no-brainer for anyone who wants to learn mentalism and magic tricks. Especially so when you still get to keep the Master Mentalism manual even after asking for refund!

After all, if you're really dissatisfied with the program (which we highly doubt) you don't even get to lose the $4.95 you've invested..

We give Master Mentalism great credit for the excellent program and generous offer, and definitely recommend you giving it a try. 

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