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Math Mind Reading Trick

This is a math mind reading trick that involves simple calculation. For those (like me) who get dizzy with numbers, fret not because you won't need to do any spontaneous mental calculation for this performance.

The Performance:

You produce a sealed envelope and tell your audience that it contains a numerical prediction. Place the envelope on a table. 

Next, you hand a spectator a pen and a small piece of card (blank on both sides) and ask him to write a number between 100 to 1000 on the front side, upper part of the card.

Then, pass the pen card to a second spectator who will write another number (between 100 to 1000) also on the front side, but lower part of the card. 

After that, flip the card over with the rear side facing up, and pass the card to a third spectator. 

Ask the third spectator to write 2 numbers, again between 100 to 1000, on the upper and lower part of the rear side.

So now we have 4 (likely different) random numbers on both sides of the card.

Math Mind Reading Trick

Front Side (written by 1st and 2nd spectator)

Math Mind Reading Trick

Rear Side (written by 3rd spectator)

You will then retrieve the card from the third spectator.

Next, you hand the card with the 4 numbers and a new blank card to a fourth spectator. This spectator will total up the 4 numbers, and write the result on the new blank card.

Once done, retrieve the card with the 4 numbers from the fourth spectator. So now the fourth spectator is left with only the card with the result and the envelope.

Then, ask the fourth spectator to open the envelope and reveal your prediction. And your prediction correctly matches the result on the card!

How does this math mind reading trick work?

You will first need to do some preparation: Write 4 different numbers between 100 to 1000 on both sides of a similar card, in the way similar to the diagram above. You can use any random 4 numbers.

Contrive to use 3 different handwriting for the following numbers:

  1. First number on the front side
  2. Second number on the front side
  3. Third and fourth number on the rear side

Calculate the total of these 4 numbers and write the result on another card, and seal this result in an envelope. Keep the card with the 4 numbers with you, as you will be handing this card to the fourth spectator for his calculation.

Then proceed with your performance as described above. 

The purpose of asking the third spectator to write his numbers on the rear side of the card is because in doing so, there is less chance of him being able to see the first two numbers. This also means that he won't be able to mentally add up all the numbers and/or roughly know the result. 

When you retrieve the card with the 4 numbers from the third spectator, turn your back and walk towards to the table to fetch the envelope. This will give you sufficient time to deftly swap the card with the one that you wrote the 4 numbers beforehand. 

When you hand your card with the 4 numbers to the fourth spectator, the result will of course match the prediction in the envelope 🙂

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