Mind Reading Magic Tricks

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Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can read minds? You now can, even without ESP. If you have been dreaming of mastering mind reading magic tricks, you are not alone. Many do want the ability to read minds. While this may seem something only a superhero can have, you could not be more wrong. As a matter of fact, you will discover that you can learn how to effectively perform mind reading magic tricks in several ways.

These are always impressive, bring good results and fun to do. If you are a fan of mind reading or mentalism, the names Chris Angel, Derren Brown, David Blaine, and David Copperfield would sound familiar to you. Mind reading, the most popular kind of mentalism, require study, research and practice but the best step to begin learning how to do it is here.

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Roots of Mentalism

It is actually an ancient performing art where practitioners use principles of stage magic, hypnosis, and mental alertness to make it seem like they are reading your mind. It is considered as a branch of stage magic, including the basic tools, skills, sleights and principles. This practice dates back to the 19th century where they test their supernatural power. However, the earliest recorded performance was done in 1572 by magician Girolamo Scotto.

There were different ways on how to present the tricks. Earlier mentalists claim that they have supernatural powers when performing, including telekinesis, clairvoyance and telepathy. Several contemporary performers say that it is less of the supernatural and more of their abilities of manipulation and observance. It is a combination of planting an idea on the subject and/or reading his or her body language.

Mind Reading Magic Tricks

Difference between Regular Magic and Mind Reading Magic Tricks

The major difference between regular magic and mind reading magic tricks is the way the performers display themselves and their talents to the audience. A traditional magician may inform his or her audience that his performance will have them question if it is real or not. For mentalists, there are less sleight of hand and illusions, and more on mind reading (for example card prediction trick, math mind reading trickmind prediction trick etc.)

Unlike plain old magic tricks, mind reading magic tricks are successful when the audience gets to believe in you. In the former, you can get away with any magic trick because you do not need to explain yourself. It’s just magic – is what most magicians will say when someone questions their performance. With mind reading magic tricks, you need to convince your audience that you have special abilities.

Mind Reading Magic Tricks

Rules to Consider when performing Mind Reading Magic Tricks

As with any discipline, there are rules you need to keep in mind. When you follow these rules, it will make it easier to do it right and impress your crowd.

1. The more the merrier. It is better when you get more people involved. You may usually see people performing mind reading magic tricks to go one on one, with an audience who are merely there to watch. However, that old saying applies to this kind of magic trick too.

2. Take the time to practice it. It may be tempting to try a trick the first time you hear about it, but trust us, it would be better to wait. The last thing you’ll need is failing it. Fair warning, when you perform mind reading magic tricks, your audience will be very observant. Every move you make, or mistake, will be closely watched. Even the smallest mistake can cost your performance.

3. Always remember your pace. As a beginner, don't worry if you haven't quickly improved with your speed, this takes time. If you are successful with your trick, expect cheering and clapping. Your friends may be quick to ask you how you did it, but don’t get carried away with this new appreciation. Getting overwhelmed by applause may sometimes be a problem for beginners in concentrating and learning mind reading magic tricks. Keep your head in the game and you'll do fine.

Mind Reading Magic Tricks

Mind Reading Magic Tricks

The Persona

Now you’ve known the rules, the next thing you need to understand is The Persona. This is the core of your mind reading magic tricks. It will determine how believable your tricks are. This is your identity, your actions and how you do them.

When you perform a trick, you need a harmony between what you are doing and what you have promised your audience. This means you need to build a character whose ideas and tricks are in line with every performance.

As starters, you do not have to worry about The Persona yet, but it is something to think about later on. There are a few magicians who can pull it off, the most impressive is Derren Brown. Derren Brown is well known as a body language expert, an illusionist and a hypnotist. He does use hypnosis in many of his tricks but we don’t see this part. He makes use of regular magic tricks and disguise them as body language reading and mind reading, and manages to fool 99% of the people who are not aware of this.

Elements of a Good Mind Reading Magician

As with any magic trick, mind reading still has its qualities that will make them work. You will find characteristics of other tricks that are applicable to mind reading magic tricks.

Know the odds

The usual trick you will see is picking any card from the deck. The cards with the highest possibilities of getting picked are Queen of Hearts, Ace of Spades, Six of Clubs or Nine of Diamonds. Begin your illusion with four cards in certain pockets in you. Next, ask your crowd member to focus on the card they have chosen. You, the magician, will then “read their mind” and take out the correct card from his or her pocket when they have given you the answer. This can involve force carding, which you can learn in a more advanced lesson. You can use these odds other than card tricks. A number of mind reading magic tricks turn on the detail that most people in the United States will say “carrot” if they are asked to pick a vegetable. It may not be the same in other countries – so know your audience.


This means fast hands. While your specialty may not be traditional magic tricks, you will find this useful in your mind reading magic tricks. A perfectly shuffled deck of cards (perfect to your advantage) will be the factor that will help you determine what card your audience member has picked in a trick. It will give you the power to make it seem like you have not altered something to your advantage when you actually did. These may include:

  • Directing the crowd’s attention away from a secret exchange
  • Convincing the crown that you have done something when you actually didn’t
  • Picking up or dropping an object without being seen
  • Holding an object in your hand that you have declared to be empty
  •  Secretly trading or moving an object or two


As previously mentioned, a good mind reading magic trick is a stunning performance where you will let your audience believe you have done magic and not a trick. It’s about the performance. For instance, you may want to work on your facial expressions that show you are deep into reading their minds. Body language is also vital. The way you hold your body can show how weak you have physically become after a mind reading feat, or how concentrated you are into digging into your audience’s minds. As with any kind of acting, you need to rehearse showmanship.


It is the words you use when you are performing. When you perform a trick, your sleight of hand moves are better accompanied with talking. It is an excellent way to distract your audience from the process of a mind reading magic trick. Patter can also make your tricks dramatic and exciting. For instance, you can tell a story about your magic powers. It could involve the story of the first time you have done a trick. It could also involve the way your talent works – what happens when you touch a certain object your audience has in their hand or how looking into their eyes can convey what they are thinking. In any case, your story will enhance the drama and mystery of your mind reading magic tricks.

Easy Mind Reading Magic Tricks

After learning the rules, elements and The Persona, you are ready to learn a couple of easy ones for now. After you understand the basics, you can go a little deeper into learning more advanced tricks and impress more people.

Mind Reading Magic Tricks

The Numbers Game

For this trick, you will need an assistant. Choose from any of your friends who you think would make a good assistant (maybe promise them pizza after you perform). The goal of this trick is to let your audience believe that you are good with numbers that you can identify the sum of any three numbers, without knowing what all those numbers are. The first thing you need to do is pick a number above 6000. For instance, 6890. You will be predicting this sum. Write it down on a small piece of paper and put it inside an envelope. Show your envelope to the audience.

Then ask 3 random people from your audience and have them say the year they were born. For instance, 1970, 1998, 2003. Write these numbers and present them to your audience. Before guessing the sum, convince your audience that you are just going to take it up a notch. Ask your assistant to write down a 4th number. Have him or her reveal the number to the audience but not to you. Do not look at that paper.

NOTE: It is vital that no one knows your assistant is your assistant. Make it seem like he or she is also someone you have randomly picked to get a number from. After your assistant has written a number, make sure that the sum of all 4 numbers will be the same with what you have predicted. Your assistant may need a quick calculation on their phone to make this work. Tell him or her to have this ready -  don’t forget!

Now that all numbers are in place (except the 4th one being unknown to you), create a little suspense. Pick up your envelope with your predicted number and reveal the paper inside. And there you go, you have guessed the sum of 4 random numbers!

Whatever You Write

This is not one of the best mind reading magic tricks but it can gain you a few laughs. All you will need for this trick is a couple of papers, and someone from the crowd. Call someone from your audience and have him or her stand at the other side of the room. Ask him to write a line from his favorite song. After he has written it down, tell that person that “I will write in my paper, whatever you wrote.”

Now, in your own paper, write the words "whatever you wrote". Then tell the other person to reveal what he has written. Of course, there would be no way to have known what those words are (unless it is your assistant). Remind your crowd that "I wrote whatever your wrote" on your piece of paper. Reveal your paper to your audience an true enough, you did exactly that! Just for laughs..

Mind Reading Magic Tricks

One Last Thing, Take your Time

The best advice for you would be to take your time. Learning all these mind reading magic tricks will need your patience. Taking your time involves both your practice and performance. What are the things to take your time for?

1. Take your time learning the tricks – this means practicing every trick until you are confident you can deliver. From the script, to your assistant, presentation, process and more.

2. Take your time doing your performance – suspense is a huge factor in making any trick exciting. This works best with mind reading magic tricks.

This patience will pay off and it is always better to leave your audience wanting more. Mind reading magic tricks are always fun and you can spread the fun to other people with your great performance.

Before you go, take these 5 really easy mind reading tricks 
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