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Pick A Card Trick​​​​​

This is a simple Pick a Card Trick where both you and your spectator will each randomly pick a card and amazingly, you will be able to control your spectator to randomly pick the same card as you!

Pick A Card Trick

The Performance:

You will need two decks of cards; one for you and one for a spectator. After shuffling your respective deck of cards, both of you will secretly choose a card, memorize it before placing it into the middle of the deck. You will then switch decks and each look for your chosen card. After the card is found, place the card on the table. When the cards are turned over, both the chosen cards are the same!

Let’s reveal the secret..

You will need two decks of normal cards, and they do not need to be prepared in any way beforehand.

Produce the two decks and invite the spectator to choose one of them – it doesn’t matter which deck he/she chooses.

  • Ask your spectator to shuffle the cards any way he/she likes, and you will do the same.
  • Then switch the decks of cards with your spectator. As you do so, take a quick glimpse of the bottom card on your deck and remember this card. This should be done very casually as you hand your deck over.
Pick A Card Trick

Casually glimpse the bottom card as you hand over your deck

  • Next ask your spectator to fan open the deck of cards and pick a card. Tell him/her to memorize the card, before carefully placing the chosen face down on the table, without letting you see the card.
  • You will do exactly the same. However it doesn’t matter what card you choose. You just need to remember the bottom card of your (initial) deck as mentioned earlier.
  • Following that, ask him/her to close the rest of the deck and place the deck on top of the secret chosen card. (This is an important step as the card you memorized will be placed right on top of the chosen card)

Your spectator places the rest of deck on top of his/her chosen card

Now ask your spectator to cut the deck and place the upper deck next to the lower deck. Then complete the cut as shown below by placing the lower deck on top of the cut deck. This is so the chosen card is lost in the deck.

Pick A Card Trick

Cut the deck and place upper deck next to lower deck

Pick A Card Trick

Complete the cut by placing lower deck on top of the cut deck

  • You will do exactly the same. (You can also do this step first, and have your spectator follow the same drill).
  • Next, switch decks again
  • Now ask your spectator to go through the deck until he/she finds his/her chosen card.
  • Ask your spectator to remove the card and place it face down on the table.
  • At the same time, you look for the card that you memorized and remove the card that is placed immediately in front of it. This is the card that was chosen by your spectator. 
  • You place the card face down on the table also.

Now just to build up the effect of the performance, say something like:

“We both shuffled our decks, chose a card, switched decks and then located our chosen card in the other deck. What you didn't realize was that through subtle use of body language and phrasing, I subconsciously influenced you to choose one particular card…

“Turn over your card ...” As your spectator does so...

“You have chosen exactly the card that I chose!”

And you turn over your card to reveal that it's the same card..!

As you can see, this is a really simple pick a card trick. You have probably caught on when you started to learn magic tricks that, with some clever prestidigitation, showmanship and patter, even a simple and old trick can still be impressive!

What would you have said in the build up to revealing the two cards to make this even more magical? Tell us in the comments below!

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